From a mustard seed…

With another trip or two to the thrift stores and I filled my first box with 25 Bibles.   Quite pleased, on November 18, 2009 I sent my first shipments up to Cincinnati.  I received the following thank you from Polly:

“Thank you for the Bibles, including the Spanish language, which we unpacked today.  These are our most needed item.

“Recently a correspondent from Cameroon shared that seven people received Christ as Savior through one of the books we sent him.  An e-mail from Nigeria exulted over 38 new Christians through our gift of Bibles.

“2010 will be the 25th year of this ministry; we are grateful every day for the ability to accomplish what we do, and grateful for everyone who has a part in making it happen. We are grateful that we are able, through this ministry of sending Bibles to affirm, encourage and enrich our Christian brothers and sisters in places where they are in the minority, and under stress and persecution.”

In celebrating 25 years, the Used Book Depository provided an amazing chart that traced its history year by year.   Started in March of 1985 with the idea of providing Barclay Study Bibles to visiting ministers attending the Baptist World Congress in Los Angeles, what would become the Used Book Depository began sharing the Word to the World.

In 1986, the UBD sent 7 Bibles overseas; 1987, 33,  surpassing 1,000 in 1997.  Through its 25th anniversary, UBD has sent 110,313 Bibles around the world.   I’m delighted to be part of that—you can be a part too.

You can contact the Used Book Depository, a ministry of Montgomery Community Church, 11251 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati OH 45249; phone 513-489-0892.  Or follow this link:

They can use your Bibles, your contributions and your prayers.

But along with collecting the Bibles, I started to… them….to find some amazing things inside.  Some bulletins, some photos, some prayer cards (see the separate link)–and some very personal messages —



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