What fifty cents can buy you (cont’d)

On the Goodwill book shelves I found an assortment of 7 Bibles — I dropped by $3.50 and took them home and stashed them on the unused exercise bench in my basement shop.   A week or so later, I went back by the Goodwill, and was surprised to find another 6 Bibles, which I bought for $3.00 and stacked on the exercise bench next to the first seven.  That weekend, I went by and found 4 more;  pretty consistently people donated Bibles to Goodwill.

I felt better about that exercise bench than I have since I exhausted myself carrying it home from a neighborhood yard sale– it was now holding 17 Bibles, which would have cost me $125 if I had just donated to charity.  But those 17 Bibles weren’t doing much good stuck in my basement.  Now that I had them, what would I do with them?

Googling ‘donate used Bibles’  I found the closest organization that accepted used Bibles for overseas distribution was the Used Book Depository in Cincinnati Ohio.   The director of the project, a delightfully enthusiastic lady named Polly,  filled me in with the Used Book Depository mission (more next post on them) and welcomed whatever Bibles I wanted to send.

Shipping a box of 17 Bibles to Cincinnati would cost more than 9 times what I paid for the Bibles — and I’m trying to get Bibles to Africa and other overseas countries, not just over the Ohio River.   Only an hour and a half away, it would make more sense to just drive a load up to the Depository.   I had 17, but could I really collect enough Bibles to make the trip worthwhile?

I found 17 in about two weeks,  but that seemed really optimistic;   maybe I could do ten a month which might give me a  carload once a year or so.

And maybe, over my lifetime, I could collect 1,000?

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