what fifty cents can buy you

Welcome to fifty cent bibles, a diary of collecting used bibles to send to new churches overseas and the enlightening, entertaining and heartwarming things left inside them.

About four years ago, somewhere in a stack of junk mail offering around the world cruises, hair growth products and gym memberships I found a letter from an organization providing bibles for new churches around the world.   Like apple pie and motherhood, it sounded like a request that a decent man couldn’t refuse.  The contents tugged at my heart, building a need to help spread hope and the Good News to a hungry world.   The donation request however, tugged at my wallet.   For $25 a month, I could provide three bibles to brothers and sisters half a world away.  I sent my check, but instead of feeling pride in helping others I felt disappointed knowing that I couldn’t do more.

Not long after, I was killing time in a Goodwill thrift store, scanning through a line of bookshelves stuffed with old college text books, once popular novels, children’s books, etc.  The attraction for me was that any of these books were only 50 cents.  Scooping up an armful of marginally interesting books at a Barnes & Nobles can cost you a hundred bucks easy; but at Goodwill, all the books are just 50 cents, so you can take home another copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and a Perry Mason paperback with a cool retro cover and the latest promise for tighter abs for just a couple bucks.

Or you can buy a couple dozen bibles…..


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